About Us

About us


Meet Iconic Moto

Iconic Customs is a well-established custom motorcycle manufacturer based in the beautiful city of Durban, South Africa.  Our passion is to hand-craft rolling art for the bike-crazy locals and the international

ICONIC Moto Durban - Your Bike Your Way

Our bikes are built to order. By hand. “Hand-crafted” is what we live for, what we do, and what we do best. It takes true skill, planning and passion to build a totally unique piece of rolling-art. Buying aftermarket parts is something we try to avoid, and so we prefer to manufacture each part to the client’s specific requirements and tastes. We fabricate, fenders, fairings, wheels, triple-trees, fuel tanks, radiators, risers and handle bars, clip-ons, exhausts, mufflers, seats, subframes and any other part we need to produce a moto worthy of the Iconic name.

We engage with the client from the beginning to learn about his or her preferences. Clients are asked to provide various pictures or examples of bikes they like as well as any elements they want incorporated into the build. Every custom build has a goal, the more information we gather, the more accurate the build will represent the client’s unique style. Every single one of our customs is unique and features unrepeated design elements, distinctive for each and every client, and fine-tuned to suit them perfectly.

In the design process we put emphasis on the hand-production of prominent items like tanks, fenders and frame sections, compared to buying-in and fitting freely available custom items. This is what sets our work apart. Handcrafted and unique.

With international trade under our belts, we understand the laws that apply to each build and where it will be loved and enjoyed. Your moto will be street legal unless otherwise required.


Who we are

The Team

Harry Pollmann

Harry Pollmann

Meet the German

Engineer, biker and snappy dresser with a taste for engineering beauty and a talent turn age into beauty. Harry is a perfectionist with creative moto ideas that run wild.

His passion for biking exploded to life at the early age of 16, shortly after, he started touring Europe on his hand-built Harley spending countless days and nights on the black-top. From his very first build, Harry knew his passion would lead to a lifetime of two-wheels and good times on the open roads.


Bert Vergari

Meet the Italian

Mechanic, designer, fabricator and foremost, a biker. Bert has the ability to fabricate any wild idea the German comes up with. Speaking life into metal is what Bert loves and does with passionate brilliance.

A life-time biker, Bert understands what a true custom build means to its rider, each build encompasses a uniqueness that every bike-riding adrenaline-loving rider wants in their ride. For Bert, each bike is a unique project that must meet the needs of the unique personality that rides and loves it.


To be recognised as a manufacturer of hand-crafted-rolling-art and exporter of both custom and original collector motorcycles.
ICONIC Moto Durban - Your Bike Your Way


Through meticulous research combined with in-depth consultation, high-end custom motorcycles will be designed, sourced and customised for a wide range of clients seeking specifically unique hand-built motorcycles for investment, enjoyment or for the pure thrill of it.

A focus on one-off motorcycles will ensure each piece carries with it a uniqueness specific to the clients request and as such a very high residual and market value.